Spring Cleaning

One of my favorite bits of advice, one that I’ve cherished and passed on for decades, is to make your habits work for you. But a lesson that I’ve been slower to catch on to is that habits that were once good for you may not stay that way. They need to be periodically reevaluated and reexamined to see if they still meet your needs.

When I mentioned this to God, he told me that was one of the reasons we have seasons. We get used to doing the same things every day, but as summer rolls around the days get longer, so we look for more things to fill them. In the spring there’s new growth everywhere, so we remember to go to the botanical gardens, or the zoo, or the nearest National Park. When winter has us in its grip, we tend to curl up in our cocoons and pare our routines down to just what we need to get by.

Every turn of the seasons should serve to remind us that our lives go through different phases and that what works for us in one might not be best for the next. So when you’re passing by the park and see all the new growth going on, maybe you should take a moment to think what in your own life could use a little new growth.

Or you could just stop and smell the flowers. That would be nice too.

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