Wheels and Meals

Somewhat reluctantly, I’ve joined the food truck revolution.

I don’t know how much it’s going on in the rest of the world, or even the rest of the country, but here in California, well in at least San Francisco and Los Angeles, the revolution is happening. The catering trucks of old, bringing convenience store wares and greasy spoon grills to businesses that are too far from the non-mobile versions for their workers to make it there and back during their measly meal breaks, have been supplanted or at least supplemented by designer foods on wheels. These new trucks, rather than cover the basics and show up at the same businesses everyday, specialize and shift. They’ll do one kind of food and concentrate on doing it well. They’ll have regular locations but they’ll be on a rotating schedule, waiting usually a week or more before returning to the same spot. It’s a different business model and one that seems to be working for them.

Okay, maybe revolution is a bit strong of a word, but it’ll do. Besides it goes good with the whole “wheels” thing that trucks have going for them.

Mind you, I’ve eaten off these trucks before. I’ve also eaten plenty off the old “roach coaches” of yore (a moniker that no one applies to this new breed of rollicking, rolling, restaurants). So what did I do different today? Well first let me tell you why. I mostly eat lunch alone. It’s my habit to break up the day, to not get stuck at my desk doing essentially the same thing for eight hours at a stretch. And God respects that. He respects that to the point that he almost never comes around at lunch time. So if I have an urge for curry-over-criss-cut-sweet-potatoes, like I did today, I can’t just ask God if the truck is nearby.

So I used the web to find out where the truck was.

I’m still tentative in this revolution, though. A real foot soldier would be subscribed to their Twitter feed, that’s how the real rebels do it. But I did bookmark the site. Sigh.

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