Good and Hard

Life is hard.

Well, not my life, but other people’s. I’ve actually done a lot of things to streamline my life and keep it, for me, easy. Of course there’re little complications here and there, things that I could get rid of to make my life even easier, but somewhere in there you have to strike a balance between easy and interesting. I suppose, in that way, I try to keep my life at about the difficulty of a kid’s book, and well short of something for young adults.

For instance, Unscriptured itself is something I don’t really need, but having something that I’m supposed to produce for a weekly deadline is, I suppose, enriching. Enriching in the same way that hiding snacks around an animal’s enclosure at the zoo is enriching for them. So here I get to complain about all the little things that God and I notice in the world that make life hard, but I can’t complain too much, because, in reality I’ve got it pretty good. I’ve got a job that is interesting and pays well. I’ve got no boyfriend, but really that’s at least as much a blessing as a curse. And I’ve got good friends to spend time with.

So for me, what’s hardest about life is just that there’s not enough time for everything that I want to do. There’s piles of books unread, there’s piles of movies unseen, there’s tons of projects that I’ve only barely outlined and a few that are further along but still not there yet.

So this week I’d just like to take a moment and say this: Life is good, and when it comes down to it, that’s enough.

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