A Vote in Time

Well the elections here in the U.S. are finally over. Some of my picks won, some of them lost. So it goes.

I asked God how she felt about the outcome, was she pleased, was she upset? She told me that it’s just one election, that from her perspective it doesn’t much matter. She asked if when I glanced at an hourglass if I cared whether a falling grain slid to the left or the right. She told me that like sands through the hourglass so are the elections of our lives.

“Cute,” I said, “making an allusion to the opening line of the soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives.'”

Then she told me she was actually making a reference to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

“But ‘Days of Our Lives’ came first,” I said, “Bill and Ted’s was making a reference to the TV show.”

So she set me straight, she told me that it only appeared that way from my impoverished view of time. She said that the writer’s of the movie came up with the line, and she liked the movie so much that she thought it would be a fitting tribute to it, it being a time travel movie and all, if she took something from it and seeded it into the past; so she took the line and went back to the 1960s and gave it to a writer who was struggling to come up with a new show.

And the rest is history. Or at least the sort of history that you see on TV.

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