War Zone

No this isn’t a post about Pearl Harbor, it’s about “The War on Christmas.”

God tells me that Christians know a lot about “the war on Christmas.” Well, maybe not most modern Christians. And maybe not from the point of view of the war being “on” Christmas, as opposed to “by” Christmas. Because along with how most modern Christians aren’t really that knowledgeable about what’s in the Bible, they also aren’t terribly knowledgeable about the history of their own religion, let alone other religions.

So a lot like the current flare up over class warfare in the United States, the war between Christmas and other mid-winter celebrations, holidays or their equivalents, isn’t being portrayed honestly. The current battle, in both cases, involves a group that is currently on top, claiming that the group that is trying to get back on top, or at least get back to even, is trying to start a war. The reality of it, and God backs me up on this, is that these “wars” have been ongoing for hundreds of years. Most of the Christmas traditions that have been around seemingly forever, were stolen from earlier, pagan, traditions. The early Christians found it hard to compete with existing celebrations, so they came up with their own. And then they made their own enough like the existing ones that people could transition fairly easily.

So when someone around you complains about “the war on Christmas” or complains that the poor are just trying to start a class war, take heart, those are just signs that they’re starting to realize that their privileged position is finally getting a serious opponent. If they lose a few battles, they may even start to realize the world is a lot bigger than they thought. They might even learn to share.

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