Run Ways

Outside of track meets, adults in America don’t run. We jog, we power-walk, we trot. We don’t run.

When I asked her about it, God told me that it’s because we recognize that life is a marathon and we need to hold something in reserve. I suppose then that that’s one of the markers of having grown up. Of course, I don’t think many teens run either, so maybe it’s the first marker of growing up.

Those of you that have kids, watch for it. Do your kids still gallop down the stairs on Christmas morning after they stop believing in Santa Claus, or before? How old are they when they stop running from the car to the ice cream store and then back again because you’re not moving fast enough? When do they stop chasing the dog and start walking the dog?

We say that childhood goes by so fast, and it does, but maybe part of why it does is because it just can’t stand to stand still.

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