Be Mine

So next week is St. Valentine’s Day, a day for the celebrating, and the marketing, of romantic love.

I’d ask God to be my valentine this year, but that whole “romance” aspect kind of gets in the way. I was thinking maybe we should have a day like Valentine’s but only for non-sexual love, sort of a “bromance” day but not limited to just guy-guy. I mean we already have a sort of “bromance orgy” day, we call it “Superbowl Sunday,” so we don’t need a bromance day, but we could use something more inclusive and more diverse. We could call it “Just Friends Day” and we could give that little speech about how we like each other but we don’t “like like” each other and have it not be a bad thing.

I asked God what he thought of the idea and he pointed out some dangers and pitfalls. If it really took off, would we be expected to give “Just Friends” cards to everyone? Well probably not, but then how good a friend does someone need to be to be “just friends?” And if someone thinks they’re a good enough friend to be “just friends” but you don’t “just friend” them, will they think that maybe you do “like like” them? And what do you do with someone who really did give you the “just friends” speech, but you’re not yet ready to be only “just friends” but you’re afraid that if you don’t then you’ll never have any chance for them to change their mind?

Yeah, relationships really are a complicated part of the human condition. Ultimately God and I agreed, we really don’t need any more holidays putting pressure on the ways we interact. Maybe a national “put bacon on your sandwich” day, though?

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