Another Holiday?

It’s a big week for second-string holidays. From last Sunday through to next Monday there’s Chinese (also known as Lunar) New Year, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, St. Valentine’s Day, Susan B. Anthony Day (celebrated in two states), and President’s Day. Even the most prominent of them, President’s Day, the one that most Americans get off from work, is still not an A-list holiday.

To me, an A-lister is one that has a clearly associated activity. That’s things like Christmas, we give presents; New Year’s, we get drunk; and Halloween, we give/get free candy. I mean even Memorial Day is known for barbecues. President’s Day? Well all the auto dealer’s seem to have sales, but that’s about it. Where are the fireworks, the turkey dinners, or even the flying of flags?

So our two most famous President’s were born a little over a week apart. They both famously wielded axes, though there’s a big difference between upkeep on a log cabin and chopping down a cherry tree. And they were both famous for headwear, George for his wigs and Abe for his Stovepipe hat. So what should we all do this weekend? I mean we can’t all buy new cars. I asked God if she had any ideas, but she just shrugged. Maybe I’ll just sleep in. But not somewhere where Washington might have slept.

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