Partisans Party On

God brought up the subject of politics today. It’s not a subject that he or I like to dwell on too much, but we do have our opinions. Or at least I do; God says he mostly got out of politics when his son got into it. I can see his point, I mean look at how well politics worked out for his son, everyone thinks the boy is on their side but most of the people who do actually act like he’s told them to pretty much stay out of politics. Oh, well.

So the thing that God brought to my attention is that the election has come and gone, and it’s well gone at this point, but the political posts, jibes, and muckraking, have mostly continued. At least on Facebook.

It’s great to see an engaged electorate. And it’s also great to see that many of them are actually making cogent arguments, not just finger pointing and name calling. So at this point you might be expecting me to say something snide, to put down all these people who are keeping the battles going, but I’m not. To all you partisan fighters I just want to say, “you rock. Now keep up the good fight and may the best ideas win.”

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