Do It Again

Sometimes when I’m with God I play this game of trying to guess what Heaven is like. It’s not a game unique to me, as I’ve seen plenty of works of art, from movies to music to paintings, try to present a view into Heaven. I’d’ve hoped that having a chance to bounce my thoughts off of the head honcho herself would have given me some useful feedback, but she really doesn’t tell me anything.

One of the things I was lamenting recently is the “need” to always be looking for new things that make life good. We have an incredible ability to get used to things. A new song comes out and we love it but then listen to it until we’re sick of it. We get a new toy, be it car or computer or a set of rechargeable batteries and we can spend weeks talking about almost nothing else, but eventually, it’s old hat, it’s business as usual, it’s just another thing.

So my idea today is that maybe Heaven is just like life but what’s different is us. Maybe Heaven is just us changed so that we get used to the bad things, become indifferent to them, but we never get tired of the good things. The millionth taste of that new drink is just as good as the first one. The rush we get from mastering a new skill is what we feel from everything we do.

I asked God what she thought of this idea. She told me that she still remembers the first time she made a black hole. She got a kind of far away look in her eyes. Then she changed the subject.

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