Jenny Walks the Moon

One of the best things that God has done for me lately was introduce me to the music of Walk the Moon. They have an album titled Walk the Moon, which you want to avoid confusing with the 1987 album Walk the Moon by a different group called Walk the Moon. But confusion aside, what the current group plays is pop, but in my opinion it’s about as perfect as pop gets. The songs are jaunty fun, with bouncy music and enough lyric repetitiveness to hook you but enough variation to keep you.

The last two times I’ve changed out CDs in my car’s player, somehow only five of the six discs have changed, Walk the Moon, just keeps getting better, so it stays.

I found out today that God had an ulterior motive in introducing me to their sound. I listen to a lot of music and even though I’ve got no voice, when I’m alone I sometimes sing along. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest categories of songs that exist, is love songs, and most of the love songs are guys singing either to or about women. That doesn’t reflect my inner reality though, so when I sing along, I usually change the pronouns. Changing “gal” to “guy” and “she” to “he” is often all that is necessary to completely gender-flip a song. And when it isn’t? Well, those tend to be the songs that I don’t bother singing along with. But Walk the Moon’s music is too infectious for me to ignore and they have this one song, “Jenny,” that couldn’t be flipped without a major rewrite. One of the prominent, repeated, refrains is “She has a body just like an hourglass. I want to be the sand inside that hourglass.” While I suppose I could imagine a guy with a body just like an hourglass, it doesn’t matter because that isn’t what interests me.

So what I found out today was that God wanted to see what I’d do with that song. Would I refuse to sing along? Would I do major surgery on the lyrics? Well, neither. I sing along with it just like it is. I mean it’s great music, but it is just a song.

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