Bright Ideas

I noticed something new this week. There seems to be a fashion now of athletic shoes with “neon” colored piping and matching shoelaces. I think I first noticed this a while back, but on my way in to work today I saw at least three different people wearing them, though to be fair there were only two colors. Two people were wearing day-glo orange and one was wearing ultra-brite green. Okay, I don’t know what actual trademarkable names the companies may have given the colors, but those are descriptive enough for my purposes.

I was wondering if this started as a way to make runners and bicyclists more visible at night, or in other conditions of poor lighting, and so is being sold as a safety feature rather than a fashion feature but God told me if I really want to know I could bother to do the research myself, not just ask him. And he’s right, I just don’t care that much.

What I do care about is that it continue.

I’ve been saying for most of my life that we need more flashy men’s clothing. We need styles that are vivid and interesting without just copying something feminine. This piping thing could be a small step in the right direction. Imagine something like the jacket that Patrick McGoohan wore in The Prisoner but with that bright edging in a hot purple, or better yet, electroluminescent wiring. Now that would be nice.

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