Courting Hope

So now I’m a little worried. God tells me not to worry about it. He says this not because he’s hinting that I’ll be happy with the outcome but rather just for the simple reason that my worrying about it won’t change things one way or the other. Like Bobby said, don’t worry, be happy.

So what am I worrying about? The Supreme Court decision on DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) and California’s Prop 8. Or to make that clearer for those of you that manage to avoid obsessing about this like I do, gay marriage, or rather the right’s of married American homosexuals to have their union given official government recognition, in California (Prop 8.) and in the U.S. Federal government (DOMA).

But why am I worried now, when between the week in which the arguments were made before the court and this week I’ve mostly been waiting patiently, occasionally hoping but mostly not thinking about it? Well, this week the court published its decision that naturally occurring human genes are not patentable. This is such a clear and obvious thing to me but one that I feared the corporate-deferential court would not see. But they did. And overwhelmingly at that, with not a hint of party division.

So my fear is that the court has used up this season’s allotment of sense, so now they’ll have to rule against the fundamental right of two consenting adults to express their love for each other in a legally sanctioned marriage.

Oh bother.

But I must not lose hope. I will not lose hope. After all, if the court can make one good decision, surely they can make another. Maybe they’ll start a trend.

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