The Bully Pulpits

I’ve been watching what’s going on in Politics here in the U.S. since the rise to power of the Tea Party. First I’ve got to give them full tactical credit, for such a small group, and such a fringe group, they’ve done a masterful job of pushing their agenda. Of course it helps when you’re being backed by billionaires, some of whom own media outlets. But then I get to sit back and be aghast at what damage they’re doing with their mean-spirited, regressive, winner-take-all antics.

The thing that they’ve done that’s unique, at least within my lifetime, is they’ve recognized that the American Constitution pretty much guarantees a two-party system, so rather than become just another powerless fringe group they’ve figured out how to infiltrate one of the extant parties and run it like a voodoo doctor running a zombie. Of course it helped that the Republican Party was already floundering in a world that was too modern for them to understand. Not too mention that there was already a large part of the Republican Party that believed that the best way to get to smaller government, government that they and their corporate masters could easily get around, was to show that big government doesn’t work by getting in and sabotaging the very government they were supposed to be running. The Tea Party just grabbed them by the figurative lapels and said, “Stop being subtle, you’re not fooling anyone that actually cares!”

And they’ve definitely stopped being subtle.

So I asked God for comfort. I asked him to tell me it would all be okay. He said don’t worry, that no matter how many times it gets pushed to the ground progress eventually picks itself up again and keeps marching forward.

Great, my whole country is being bullied and all God can say is, it gets better.


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