Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Toby really have in-person conversations with God?

    Yes. Keep in mind that Toby is a fictional character, but he really does have regular conversations with the Deity-in-Chief.

  2. Aren’t pronouns referring to God supposed to be capitalized?

    Toby asked God about that. God says that convention was developed by people with fragile egos who projected their own self doubts and need for aggrandizement onto him. If you want to capitalize his pronouns, go ahead, but he really doesn’t care one way or the other.

  3. Who rates the comments?

    Any registered user of unscriptured.com has the opportunity to rate comments as they read them.

  4. Why do you require an email address to become a registered member of the unscriptured community?

    Mainly because there are people using the internet who do disruptive things to web sites. By requiring a valid email address we hope to keep the level of discourse on the site at a higher level.

  5. The time is wrong on a comment that I posted?

    This is probably just a time zone issue. Unscriptured is run from Phoenix Arizona, which is on Mountain Standard Time (MST) year round.

  6. How come God is referred to in some posts to as “he” but in others as “she”?

    As explained in Pronoun Trouble, God often varies the form in which he or she appears to Toby. When Toby writes about his conversations with God, he uses the pronoun for the form which God took during that conversation. I’m not sure what Toby will do if God ever appears as a hamster. Then again, maybe Toby can tell the gender of a talking hamster; I’m pretty sure I couldn’t, though.