It’s been years since my belief in God rose any higher than committedly agnostic, so imagine my surprise at God entering my life. I don’t mean entered like “I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior,” I mean entered as in sat down and talked with me.

I was home, alone, which is pretty normal for me. You’d think I’d be surprised when an old man walked into the room and the TV just shut off, but I wasn’t. He had prepared me for it. I’d been feeling pretty good all day, like last night’s sleep had been the most refreshing ever; then, after dinner, a sort of warmth started to spread out from my center, to seep throughout my body. Just when it reached everywhere, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, he walked in, and it was like I’d been expecting him.

After we exchanged pleasantries, God told me he wanted me to start this blog. He said he’ll come and talk with me, maybe not every day, but most days, and I should write about it.

Then he established some ground rules.

I can’t ask about the future. He said that if he tells me what will happen in the future that means he has to make that happen and that can get in the way of free will, so he lets the future play out on its own. It’s kind of like paint. There’s two ways to get lines of paint running down a wall. You can put blobs of paint on the wall and let it run down in whatever lines it wants or you can draw your own lines, putting them exactly where you want them. God says he built the universe so it can surprise him, he has very little interest in placing the lines himself.

I can’t make any recordings. Even if I try, he says that nothing will come out. I’m also not allowed to make any notes while we’re talking, so I just have to work from memory. That means that I’ll probably make some mistakes when I’m quoting him, but he says that’s okay as long as my motives are pure.

He’ll only come around when I’m alone. He says he can make sure that he’s gone before anyone joins us, so don’t drop by hoping to meet him.

Now he didn’t say anything about whether or not I can ask for any favors, but, boy, talk about presuming on a friendship. I think I’ll avoid that whole can of worms on my own.

So that’s kind of the basics. I did ask him, “Why me?” and maybe later I’ll get into that part of the conversation.

Until then, remember, God is watching.