Thoughts on Thoughts

I’ve done some experiments, in my conversations with God, to try and figure out if he listens to my thoughts while we talk. I sort of figured that there was no real reason for me to speak out loud, but that maybe God made me do it so I’d feel more comfortable.

I’ve tried various experiments where I don’t say what I’m really thinking and I just couldn’t really be sure of the results. So, finally, I asked about it. God told me that he hardly ever listens in on thoughts, even though it’s about the easiest thing in the world for him. He said it’s not that it would be a violation of trust, but that it would be a breach of the premise of free will. If we can’t have our thoughts to ourselves, then how can our actions really be considered our own.

I can’t say I can really follow the logic, now, when I think about it, but it really made sense at the time that he explained it.

And the reason that I couldn’t figure out if he was reading my thoughts or not? Even if he doesn’t read our thoughts, he can always tell if we’re out and out lying. He can’t help it, it’s as obvious to him as it is to a parent that the cookie jar has been broken into when the remnants of chocolate chips are smeared all over their kids’ faces.

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