Fair Enough

God and I were talking about religion today. God told me that she really doesn’t have a lot of use for religion as such, she just wants people to be good and has come to the conclusion that religion is not doing that good a job of making that happen. She asked me why I thought people went to church. She wanted to know if I had any ideas that would qualify as thinking outside the box.

I thought about it for a little while and finally came up with something. I had the idea that maybe people did it to be part of the show. I worked at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire for about ten years of my life. The fair is different than going to a play. At a play or even a movie, you sit in the audience and watch the action from outside. If the show is good you can become absorbed in it, but there’s always a separation, you’re always outside of it. But the Faire isn’t like that. The audience enters into the Faire, they walk onto the stage and it becomes their world. In many cases, the actors and players will interact with the audience and make them truly a part of the show.

So I said that maybe that’s what people feel they get out of church. If you think of the universe as a show, then God is what’s backstage, God is the director, God is the writer. So if you want to be part of the show, you talk to God.

So what did God think of the idea? She said it was possible that that’s what some people get out of it, but if it was, well, she’d just as soon they went to the Faire.

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