God Groks

At the beginning of last week I talked a little about religions trying to understand God, a little about understanding things in general, and a little about the word grok, which the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) defines as “to understand intuitively or by empathy; to establish rapport with.” Ultimately (well, in three fairly short paragraphs, anyway) I came to the conclusion that “to know God is to be God.”

So of course, I had to discuss this with God.

He told me I was closer to the truth than most people ever get. The big focus by most people is on the “miracle” aspects of God. They talk about the creation of the universe. They talk about how God wants us to live our lives. They talk about loaves and fishes and Easter eggs. But the real nature of divinity, God told me, was understanding. And that was his biggest gift to us. Unlike all the other animals, we have the capacity to grok, to get to know something so well that it becomes like a part of us.

God groks. When we take the time to really know something, or especially some one, that is when we are most God-like. God told me that when all of us learn to grok each other as a matter of course, that will be the day that all wars end and the day when all mankind takes care of each other.

To grok is to be divine.

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