Proposition 8

Well, it’s just about a month to election time. Out here in California we’ve got a proposition on the ballot that’s kind of important to me, Proposition 8. Proposition 8 would eliminate the right currently held by the gay and lesbian couples of California to marry. Given that there are churches on both sides of this issue, both for and against, I thought I’d go right to the top and ask God what she thinks of it. Not just the proposition, but the whole idea of gay men or lesbian women marrying the person they love.

Now when I put it like that, sure I was loading the question, but if God can’t get past a loaded question, well who can? So I asked her and she told me that actually, she doesn’t care about marriage at all, gay or straight. The thing that she explained to me is that she created the idea of mating and the natural processes that go along with that, but that marriage is strictly ours. And like anything where we’ve tried to conflate the domains of government and religion, we’ve done nothing but make it a big mess.

So how would she vote? She wouldn’t say. She said that asking her how she’d vote was sort of like asking a person what flowers they’d pollinate if they were a bee, it’s just not a question that makes any sense. However, she was willing to agree with me that it would be a shame to break with tradition and actually enshrine discrimination against consenting adults into the California constitution. At least I think that’s what she was agreeing with.

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