Cloudy Weather

Last week I took my camera and went out shooting over a course of two days and a few hundred miles. I saw many an orchard in bloom, seas of white and pink blossoms, that left me tempted to say that spring is in the air.

Except that it isn’t. It’s actually about as cold now as it’s been at anytime this winter. The weather service is saying there’s a chance of snow in San Francisco this weekend. So what’s with the trees? Are they just as impatient as the people around me for winter to be over? Do they have a better handle on the future weather than groundhogs?

For these and other questions I bravely sought answers from God. She says she doesn’t like to talk about the weather. She prefers to stick to safe subjects like religion and politics. I wonder if she’s been getting a lot of prayers about global climate change lately?

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