June? Is That You?

June already? My how time flies. June is important to me because it’s Gay Pride month and while I don’t have a lot of pride in being gay myself, God has assured me that it’s okay to take pride in the accomplishments of the gay community as a whole.

Just in my lifetime we’ve gone from being the love that dare not speak its name to being a legally protected minority on the brink of having our committed relationships fully sanctified around the country and the world. I should probably mention the world before my country, though, since that’s where the first marriage gains happened, much to my disappointment even in the face of my elation.

When I was growing up society did an awfully good job of protecting me from knowing that homosexuality even existed, a state of ignorance that many today still wish to foist upon our kids. Let me tell you, not knowing that other people did the things that I did with other boys, not only didn’t stop me from doing them, or enjoying them, but didn’t stop me from growing up gay. The only thing it did stop me from was learning how to dance.


Even while I was still assuming that when I grew up I would marry a woman and raise a passel of kids, I didn’t see the point in learning to dance. Dancing serves more or less as an audition for our sexual abilities, and I really didn’t see a point in learning things that were supposed to help me get into bed with girls. Of course since my sense of rhythm seems to be a few degrees out of kilter with everyone around me, I might never have been any good at dancing, but if I’d known that boys too could hold each other cheek to cheek, I might at least have been motivated to give it a try.

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