A Little Extra

Like most Americans, I could stand to lose a few pounds. Okay, a lot of pounds.

But what about God?

If you think about it, we’re all a part of the universe so we’re all a part of God, so in a way we are God’s body. It’s like each person is a cell in his body, and judging by what I see, I think Americans are clustered around his belly and maybe even hanging over his belt. So I asked him why he doesn’t take better care of himself. After he made me explain myself, he pointed out that the obesity epidemic is actually a pretty recent phenomenon; so in a sense we’re more like the few pounds a typical college student puts on in his first year than like the pot belly of a middle-aged man. Given that, he’s confident he can shape up without too much trouble.

Then I got to wondering, if I’m one of God’s fat cells, and he decides to lose a few pounds… Well, let’s just say I decided it wasn’t a train of thought I wanted to dwell on.

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